Ceramic Fine Art Tiles for Gift-Giving

Oh!Shenandoah, 6×8-inch ceramic tile, $30


There are many ways to acquire beautiful, affordable works of art.

I have created a series of ceramic fine art tiles depicting the landscape of the Shenandoah. All are made from my original pastel paintings. They come in 6×8 and 8×10-inches, depending on the scene. The tiles are durable and can be framed or hung as is, displayed on a small easel, or used in an installation with other tiles. They make wonderful gifts.

Tiles are currently on view and can be purchased at Cristina’s Cafe and Buggy B’s in Strasburg, VA and 7 East Gallery in Woodstock, VA.

Email me at dianemariefurlong@yahoo.com for shipping information.


Bethel Evening, 6×8 inches, $30



Cedar Creek Autumn, 6×8 inches, $30


Spring, 6×8 inches, $30



Dawn’s Evening, 8×10 inches, $45


Little Springhouse at Fishers Hill, Winter, 8×10 inches, $45


Signal Knob from Long Meadow Road, 8×10 inches, $45


Forsythia, 4×4, $18


Pink Clouds, 4×4, $18


Pink Mist, 4×4, $18










First Light in the Hollow

During the time of morning before the sun rises above the horizon there is a period of, sometimes breathtaking, nuances of light and color. Each instance usually lasts just seconds before a new spectacle of  light begins. This painting shows a pale glow of pink morning light descending the hill into a hollow and quietly illuminating an old barn.

On the Way Home

A quarter mile from the house the road to town begins. It’s a dirt and gravel road that covers about a mile out to Oranda Road. I’ve traveled it hundreds of times, in all seasons of the year and times of the day. There is always something beautiful that catches my eye.